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Five latest posts

  • Adding a GUID to an existing table in an EF code first migration

    The other day I was trying to add a new column to an existing table using Entity Framework Core. The column was supposed to hold a unique GUID for each row. Easier said than done.

  • A review of NDepend

    This is a review of NDepend, an extension tool for Visual Studio. It was created to give developers and architects insight into their systems and applications, but also to help in further decisions regarding architecture and development.

  • 'Could not find gem X in any of the sources'

    I use Jekyll for handling the content of this blog. Jekyll is a simple static site generator based on Ruby. Normally it’s a dream working with Jekyll. You just install a gem bundle via command line and it just works. Simple as that.

  • What's new in Visual Studio 2019?

    The 2nd of April 2019 marked the release of the IDE Visual Studio 2019. A preview version was released earlier in 2019, but now the stable version is available to the general public. After watching the live streamed release event I thought I’d write a few lines about some of the IMHO more interesting new features and changes to Visual Studio.