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  • 'Could not find gem X in any of the sources'

    I use Jekyll for handling the content of this blog. Jekyll is a simple static site generator based on Ruby. Normally it’s a dream working with Jekyll. You just install a gem bundle via command line and it just works. Simple as that.

  • What's new in Visual Studio 2019?

    The 2nd of April 2019 marked the release of the IDE Visual Studio 2019. A preview version was released earlier in 2019, but now the stable version is available to the general public. After watching the live streamed release event I thought I’d write a few lines about some of the IMHO more interesting new features and changes to Visual Studio.

  • 5 things I did not know about C#

    I’ve been doing a series of tweets with the somewhat misleading name “Things I did not know about C#” for a while, where I’ve written shortly about features and behaviours in C#. Either ones that

  • Custom tag helpers in ASP.NET Core

    Tag helpers are not by any means a new feature to ASP.NET. Like HTML Helpers tag helpers enable server-side code to help in rendering HTML elements in Razor views. But they are doing this is in a more elegant, HTML-like syntax.